5 Reasons Your Next Condo Should Be in Liberty Village

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There’s no doubt about it: condo living is incredible. Embracing it means deciding to live a convenient, low-maintenance, and relatively affordable lifestyle. I know you’re thinking the prices are too high, how is that affordable, but compare it to living in a house and how much detached costs. That said, not all neighbourhoods are created equal for those looking to purchase a unit. In Toronto, some areas feel like they are tailor-made for condo living—and Liberty Village is one of them.

Liberty Village is not for everyone and if you drive to work you might find that it is not necessarily the easiest to get in and out of the area during the rush hours. But so could be said about most of the neighbourhoods downtown nowadays. Here are just a few of the reasons why I think Liberty Village is great


1) One word: location

If you’re looking for the perfect location in Toronto, it doesn’t get better than Liberty Village. My clients love the area because it’s close to the west end’s hippest neighbourhoods like Queen West, but it’s also central enough that they can get downtown quickly when they need to. The Liberty Street strip sits directly parallel to King Street West, providing residents with easy access to the the 504 streetcar. If you own a bike or prefer to get around on foot, you’ll also be pleased to learn about the new King-Liberty pedestrian and cycle bridge that’s currently in the work. Once completed, the bridge will better connect the village with King West and the rest of the city. It is also minutes walk from the Exhibition Centre and Lake Ontario.


2) The condo buildings are fantastic

If you’re on the condo hunt, Liberty Village is the ultimate place to start your search. The area features a mix of brand new and carefully-refurbished heritage buildings. Whether you’d prefer a sleek, modern unit or an authentic hard loft, you’ll find the perfect condo in or around Liberty Street. One of my favourites is Toy Factory Lofts, which I love for its brick-and-beam aesthetic and innovative management practices (the building offers impressively low maintenance fees). In the up-and-coming category, there is Liberty Market Tower, which will be conveniently located in Easy Liberty Street and connected to Liberty Market Building with retail space on the ground floor.


3) It’s exciting

Liberty Village is a great place for those who like to work and play in the same area. The neighbourhood is youthful, lively, and bursting with creative energy. Trust me, you’ll feel it as soon as turn onto Liberty Street. Many of the area’s factories and warehouses have been converted into offices that now house marketing and design agencies, publishers, and startups. One of Canada’s edgiest magazines, Vice, even has a location in the area. Whether or not you work in Liberty Village, you’re bound to fall in love with the hip local eateries, watering holes, and coffee shops (which include the Brazen Head Pub, the Local, and Brodflour to name a few).


4) Everything you need is right there

While the new pedestrian bridge will make coming and going from Liberty Village easier than ever, you don’t really need to leave unless you want to. You’ll find all of the amenities and services you need in your own backyard. For groceries, pop out of your condo building and into the nearby Metro—or the new Organic Garage location, which recently opened on Hanna Avenue. When you need some gym time, hit up the 24-hour Goodlife. All of the major banks have branches in the neighbourhood, where you’ll also find doctor’s offices, yoga studios, and hair salons. There are few things that condo dwellers appreciate more than convenience, which is part of what makes Liberty Village such a great spot for those looking to buy a unit.


5) It’s a great investment

Liberty Village isn’t just a great place to live in a condo, it’s also the perfect spot to invest in one. The average rent is only about 5% lower than Downtown Core, while the average days on market is lower. For all of the reasons I’ve already mentioned, this thriving pocket of Toronto is an extremely popular place for renters. If you rent your unit out, you’ll pretty much guaranteed to find a tenant who’s career-driven (which means they’ll likely have a good income and the means to pay their rent in full, and on time). Not only that, but property values in the neighbourhood are rising steadily. Put simply, there’s never been a better time to invest in a condo in Liberty Village!


Thinking of buying a condo in Liberty Village? I can answer all of your questions about the area—and help you find the perfect property. Call or text me at 416-500-5360, or send me an email at rashid.notash@rogers.com and ask away!