Pre-construction is a huge part of working in the downtown market, with new projects planned to go up every day. Selling pre-construction in Toronto isn’t easy, especially when you’re working without an agent. You need to work with an expert, one who has the network to find the right kind of buyer for your property.

Before we start, here’s what you need to do…

Why You’re Selling

It’s not easy to sell a condo in the pre-construction phase, because the building hasn’t been finished. Is there a reason why you’re looking to flip now? I can help you establish a plan – and a timeline – that works for you, but first I need to know the whole story.

Assigning Your Condo

I get the world of assignments. I can help you navigate this tricky terrain, to find the right buyer, and to get your sale approved by the builder. My experience in the market has given me the ability to handle assignments so that you don’t have to worry about selling your pre-construction unit in Toronto all on your own.

Knowing the Market

Did you get into a pre-construction project early, and now you’re ready to get your return? When the market changes, you might have an opportunity to recoup your investment – and then some – if you bought early enough. If we can take advantage of market conditions to get more from your original purchase, we’ll do it.

Marketing Expertise

Due to agreements with builders, you’re most likely not going to be able to list your pre-construction condo on any multiple listing service (MLS). For this reason, it becomes essential that you work with an agent who has the marketing skills to get the right people interested in your property. You need the connections that can find the right qualified buyer, not just any buyer.

Flipping Successfully

There are key benefits to selling pre-construction in Toronto, and being able to make a tidy profit is one of them. You can avoid occupancy fees, mortgages, and you can get money back for making a smart investment. If you want to get the most out of it, you need to work with an agent who can get the best return – and can help you sell in the first place.

Let’s figure out what you need…

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