After 10 years, I know how it feels to work in a hectic market. While the trends might change – it could be a seller’s market one minute and a buyer’s market the next – the speed of Toronto real estate rarely lets up.

When it comes time to sell your downtown property, here's how I'll help you...

The Right Price

Knowing the right price for your property is key – it’s the difference between a successful sale and a sale that never happens. Sold data and comparables alone are often not enough to come up with the right price. With new rules coming into effect, interest rates changing, and so many other factors at play, you need someone who has their finger on the pulse.


Your property needs to look perfect so that you can reach the perfect buyer. I will help promote your property with social media, virtual tours, professional photography, and more. Everything needs to look great, and it will when we work together.


It is important to provide updates, even if there are no offers or showings. My job is to make sure we work together, and that we are always prepared during each step of the listing process.


Managing Expectations

One of the most important roles that an agent could ever play is keeping expectations in check. When it comes to money, emotions could run high. My job is to help you see things clearly, to handle any issues, and to get more money for your home or investment.


With mortgage rules tightening, it has become more important than ever to make sure buyers are qualified so that there are absolutely no issues with closing

Is it time to sell?

Let’s get started…

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Want to know more about the basic steps to selling a home?

Here’s what you can expect…

  • 1

    Determine A Price: When it comes to selling, there’s one question that matters more than any other: How much? Working with an expert can help you set the right price and understand all the additional costs. From there, it’s all about execution..
  • 2

    Strategize : We need to come up with the proper strategy. Whether it's setting an offer date, having the unit cleaned or decluttered. We'll work to come up with the right strategy for your property.
  • 3

    The Offer Stage: It could be a multiple offer scenario, or a single low offer, but my job is to help silence all the noise and to get you the best price possible.
  • 4

    Conditional Period: Arter accepting an offer, I'll help you order the status certificate and work closely with the buyer's agent and the lawyers to firm up the deal.
  • 5

    Close: The final sale has arrived. At this point, it's about ensuring that everything else goes smoothly.
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    Keep In Touch: After you’ve sold your home, you need to stay in touch with the experts to help with your next purchase, investment, or sale. If you need any additional help, I’m only ever a phone call away.