Located right in the heart of downtown Toronto, featuring fantastic condos and homes. See if living at harbourfront will match your lifestyle.
A livable community, picturesque views out across the water, and everything from art galleries to skating rinks – the Harbourfront is the crown jewel of Toronto’s waterfront.

The Lifestyle

A lot of work has gone into making living in Harbourfront desirable for urbanites of all kinds. In recent years, we have seen the addition of bike paths, the growth of the 509 streetcar, and new buildings.

The lifestyle of this neighbourhood borrows heavily from Lake Ontario being right next door. You have a selection of beautiful parks, access to the Martin Goodman Trail, and grocery stores (like Sobey's) as well as the Toronto Island Ferry which provides easy access to Toronto Island.

The Buildings

There is some serious Miami energy when it comes to the buildings when you’re living in the Harbourfront. Many of the buildings take on the characteristics of the water, with breathtaking views and units that really know the importance of the area. So much work has gone into making the Harbourfront an attractive living space, and the buildings really take advantage of that quality.

The Amenities

Thanks to the growth of this area, there’s a growing list of amenities that makes living in the Harbourfront loads of fun. You can take in the views of the water at the Amsterdamn Brewhouse, at Boxcar Social, or alongside beautiful art at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. Last, but not least, you can easily hop onto a ferry ride and head out to Toronto Island for an easy escape from the concrete jungle into a green oasis only moments away.

The Highlight

It has to be the water! The reason people come to live on the Harboufront is the close access to Lake Ontario, which just has a way of instilling a sense of calm for all those who live here. Even though you’re just a bit south of the Gardiner Expressway, the Harbourfront feels like a whole other world.

Lots of green space, fantastic restaurants, and incomparable views – this is a great place to call home, and to escape the city, all at once.

Walk Score: 89

Transit Score: 100

Bike Score: 86

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