Pre-construction condos can be a savvy investment, but only if you know where, what, and when to buy. I can help you understand the market, and all your options, based on what works for you. Do you have a pre-construction project on your wish list? It’s better to work with an expert.

Find the right unit, in the best building, for a better price, all within the right timeframe.

Exclusive Pre-Construction Access

I can put my network to work for you. I work closely with developers, which means you will have access to the best new buildings all over the city. Buying pre-construction in Downtown Toronto is all about knowing the buildings, the projects, and the builders.

The Well Condos by Tridel Cranes

The World of Purchasing Assignments

Purchasing an assignment is where a buyer “purchases” the right to a unit from the original buyer – which, in some cases, needs to be approved by the builder (because the building doesn’t technically exist yet).There is one thing I can tell you for sure: Purchasing assignments are not for the faint of heart. Someone could be selling due to extenuating factors, or because they’re flipping a unit in a highly-desirable project. They can also be complex, and you need to work with someone who is familiar with the process.

Buying Pre-Construction Today

When we work together, the process becomes much easier. Buying pre-construction in Downtown Toronto is complex and requires an established network with real insight. I know the builders, their reputations, and the timelines that will help you make a savvy investment on schedule.

When we work together, I’ll help provide you with the network, the advice, and the guidance to make the right investment. Is there a project you’re interested in that’s sold out? I’ll seek out any available assignments, and I’ll have the right relationships to help get it.

Let’s get started…

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