Pre-construction can be a savvy investment, but only if your purchase is strategic. I'll assess your goals, make sure you understand the market, and help you explore opportunities.

The right building, unit, and price—all on a timeline that works for you!

Why pre-construction and assignments are a great bet…

Whether you’re looking for a valuable investment or a place to call home, buying pre-construction is a wise decision. Here are just a few of the benefits associated with purchasing a brand new unit.

• High Returns – enjoy price appreciation and (if you’re an investor) steady rental income

• Low Rates – lock in today’s interest rates for a greater return tomorrow

• Time to Save – the extended pre-con deposit structure means more time to save for your unit

• Customization – a choice of finishes, so you can make your condo your own

• Less Risk – new units automatically receive provincial Tarion warranty coverage

• Low Maintenance – pre-con units require little effort or attention during the first few years


What about purchasing assignments?

Sometimes a buyer’s life circumstances change before their unit is complete, and they decide to sell their purchase agreement with the builder. This is what’s known as an assignment sale.

If you’re interested in buying within a particular development, an assignment may help you get your foot in the door. However, these sales can be complex—which is why it pays to work with an expert!

The right building, unit, and price—all on a timeline that works for you!

Whether you have a project on your wish list or you don’t know where to start, you’ll achieve a better outcome with expertise on your side. Here’s how I’ll help…

Exclusive Access

With access to some of the best new buildings in the city, I can help you get closer to the projects that interest you. Whether you have your eye on a specific development or you’re exploring your options, I’ll put my connections to work for you.

The Well Condos by Tridel Cranes

Market Knowledge

An in-depth understanding of the pre-construction market allows me to see trends, spot opportunities, and help you make a more informed purchase. I keep my finger on the pulse so I can act fast—and help you secure the ideal unit.

Industry Connections

I know the city’s builders—and their reputations. That knowledge allows me to help you make a wiser investment. If you’re looking at a building with no available units, I’ll tap into my network to try to find you a reliable assignment sale.

Pre-Construction Expertise

Buying pre-construction is different than purchasing resale. From fees to timelines to the obstacles to look out for, I’ll walk you through the process. Every step should be seamless—and thanks to my expertise, it will be.

Buying Know-How

During your condo purchase, receiving the right guidance and advice is key. From starting the search to performing due diligence to closing with care, I’ll make sure the process is low-stress—and the outcome is exceptional.

Seeking a pre-construction unit that will allow you to achieve your investment goals? Interested in a specific up-and-coming development? Whether I need to scour the market for opportunities or search for an assignment, I’ll be here to help.

Let’s get started…

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